Hello World

Welcome to Cup of Code!

I believe that anyone can learn anything and I’m here to share knowledge. I write about things that interest me as a software engineer, and I find interest in various subjects.

This website is a present from me to myself for the blog’s one year anniversary. It will take me some time to transfer previous blog-posts from Medium, so feel free to go there for more content.

You will quickly learn that I don’t write only about technological subjects. The blog posts will be divided to Non Tech and Contains Code categories, so the non-developers readers could navigate easily.

In my social media you can find additional content, like AMAs (ask me anything), terms explanation and #pieceofadvice, where I answer questions I receive from the blog readers.

So, again, welcome! I am glad you came here, I hope you enjoy reading, and don’t hesitate contacting me on social media!☕