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7 Reasons to Add a Coffee Break Event to Your Calendar

With social distancing and working from home, it is much more than just a coffee break

It has been months that most of us are working from home, and the end date is unknown. With all the perks of saving the commuting time and not wearing pants, there are some cons as well. One of the biggest losses of WFH (=Working From Home) is the lack of a daily coffee break with your teammates.

I am about to present you with seven reasons to add a daily coffee break event to your team. It shouldn’t be mandatory, but hopefully, you will understand its importance and decide to join.

1. Social needs

The first and most important reason: We are social creatures and we need interaction that is not work-related. You may think you don’t need it, but you do. It’s one of those things that will pump up your mood and you won’t connect the dots. And besides that — it will help differentiate the week-days (what day is it anyway?)

2. Work-fun balance

I know, I know. You are super busy, there is so much to do and you are already behind. Work will never end, there will always be more to do. Actually, it’s those breaks that will allow your brain to come up with a new perspective. Besides that, if you were in the office, you would have had that coffee break. So, please — find those 30 minutes.

3. Team building

Many companies invest money in events and activities for their employees. This means that pre-COVID, it was obvious that it’s worth spending time and money on activities that will make the team more connected. It is not less important in the WFH era, it just looks different.

4. Brainstorming

With all the respect for fun, you can also use this time to debate and get advice like in a real coffee break chat. It is a less formal platform, which can make it more welcoming to ask questions.

5. Discover cool people

Companies invest so much time in finding the right people that would be professional, nice to work with, and spend 8 hours a day next to. You should take advantage of that! There are funny and nice people on your team and this is a great opportunity to discover that. This is especially important when you have new hires that you didn’t have a chance to meet in real life due to COVID.

6. Increase productivity

Getting to know people on the team and having a laugh will make them easier to approach when it is work-related. I find myself reaching out more often to people I feel closer to. It’s understandable, but imagine how beneficial it can be if you would feel comfortable reaching out to all of your teammates?

7. Great time for interruptions

This is the perfect time for those cute pets or that sweet baby to show up on the camera. One thing I discovered during COVID — seeing a tiny kitten brightens my day.❤ 

Important note:

If you do attend this kind of meeting, please turn on your camera. Let us all rediscover what facial expressions are.

To conclude

We have seen seven reasons to have a daily coffee break event scheduled on the team’s calendar. It will make your team happier and more productive. 

What do you think? Is your team having online coffee breaks? Will you start having them? Share with me on social media or in a private message!

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cupofcode_blog_WFH_tips coffee break
cupofcode_blog_WFH_tip coffee break

Blogging is my hobby, so I happily spend time and money on it. If you enjoyed this blog post, putting 1 euro in my tipping jar will let me know :) Thank you for your support!

Blogging is my hobby, so I happily spend time and money on it. If you enjoyed this blog post, putting 1 euro in my tipping jar will let me know :) Thank you for your support!


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